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What's New


June 1, 2007: Added more download links.
November 2, 2006: New installer for 3D Picture Browser version 1.0 (freeware).

August 16, 2006
3D Picture Browser version 1.0 (freeware) released. See download link below.
May 14, 2006: 3D Picture Browser version 0.14 Public Beta released.

Download (Freeware)

You can download 3D Picture Browser v1.0 (freeware) from any of the following locations (1MB):
Download Link1
(through Downloads.com)
Download Link2
(through Softpedia.com)
Download Link3

To install the program, launch the file Setup.exe that is included in the zip file that you have downloaded.

Important installation notes:
- If you don't have the .NET Framework 2.0 yet, the setup program will automatically download it and install it. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can download it from here and install it separately.
- The latest build of DirectX 9 is required. If the program does not start or you get an error message after the initial dialog, please download Direct 9 from here and (re)install it.

Program Overview

Click to enlarge (3D Picture Browser screenshot) 3D Picture Browser (freeware) is a brand new piece of software that provides an exceptional visually rich experience for browsing your photos. It features a revolutionary real-time 3D user interface, an innovative cursor-detection technology, and the simplest controls ever created on a Windows application: no scrollbars, no double-click, no right-click, just move the mouse and left-click.

Whether you were disappointed by the lack of breathtaking innovations in the latest operating systems, or whether you are looking for something to impress your friends and relatives with, 3D Picture Browser is the software you need.

Please send us suggestions, spread the word about 3D Picture Browser, support the development (for example by purchasing Adventure Maker Full Edition by the same authors), and will soon see even more innovative features implemented in 3D Picture Browser.

Feedback and Suggestions

Please send us as many suggestions as possible by entering them in the field below and then clicking Send. If you wish to receive a reply, please be sure to include your email address.


Click here to enter the 3D Picture Browser forum. The forum is part of the Adventure Maker forums.

Contact Information

You can contact the author of 3D Picture Browser by sending email to:
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3D Picture Browser was designed by the creator of Adventure Maker.



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