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1. What are the known bugs of this version?
2. What are the limitations of this version?
3. What are the limitations that concern GIFs and animated-GIFs?


1. What are the known bugs of this version?

The known bugs of this version are:

- The scroll-bars do sometimes not work properly. To solve the problem, simply resize the window that contains the scroll-bars and try again.

- When the Windows taskbar is set to "Auto-hide", the full-screen background of Adventure Maker prevents the taskbar from appearing when you move the mouse over the edge of the screen. To make the taskbar appear, you must either minimize Adventure Maker, or press Ctrl+Esc. You can also solve the problem unchecking the "Auto-hide" option of the Windows taskbar, or by going to the Adventure Maker preferences (from the Main Menu) and clicking "Quit Full-Screen Mode".

- Using a "slide transition" to go to a frame that has an animated-GIF will cause the destination frame to appear before the beginning of the transition. To solve the problem, you can either use a different transition, or you can convert your animated-GIF into a video file, and then select the option "looping video" instead of the option "Is an animated GIF".

- In the "Distribution Options" window, settings the language of the generated installation packages to German may cause a "PathTooLong" error to appear.

- Loading a game that has hundreds of variables may take a very long time.

- Systems with special character sets such as Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Greek, etc. may encounter some problems with scripting and plugins.

More bugs may have been found after the release of this version. For possible updates, check the Help section of the Adventure Maker website.


2. What are the limitations of this version?

The limitations of this version are:
- The software created for PSP, iPhone and iPod touch has limited features. See Creating software for PSP and Creating software for iPhone / iPod touch.
- You cannot
directly use the inventory while in a panoramic frame (however, it is possible to go to a 2D frame and use the inventory there). A workaround consists in using a variable to remember that the item has been picked up.
- Some features are not
available in panoramic frames (e.g. the Rippling Water Effect) and/or in 3rd person games.

- Some languages are not supported, because of non-ASCII characters.
- Systems with the fonts set to "Large Fonts" are not supported.
- Applying the Rippling Water effect to an area that is under the inventory button will result in the inventory button being partially hidden.
- You cannot drag-and-drop items from the inventory onto the hotspots that come from a merged frame (i.e. a frame that has been merged to other frames by using the "Runtime Frames Merging" command of the Project Menu of Adventure Maker).
- Due to the fact that most sound cards have only one synthesizer, you cannot play two MIDI files at the same time. Therefore, it is impossible to cross-fade two MIDI files.
- The following commands cannot be executed from within the Frame Properties: GoToFrame, PopupLoadGame and PopupSaveGame. A simple workaround consists in using the following code
inside a global procedure and then calling the procedure:
CreateTimedEvent 0.1, "COMMANDNAME"
(where you must replace COMMANDNAME with the name of a command, like "PopupSaveGame")
- If the frame size is the same as the current screen resolution, it is not possible to apply the rippling water effect to the very right part of the image.
- GIFs and animated-GIFs have some limitations (see next question).


3. What are the limitations that concern GIFs and animated-GIFs?

The GIFs and animated-GIFs limitations are:
- In the editor, right-clicking on an animated-GIF will not cause the popup menu to appear (you have to left-click instead).
- The imported animated-GIFs cannot include transparency.
- The hotspots containing animated-GIFs cannot be duplicated (a simple work-around consists in unchecking the "Is an animated-GIF" option, then duplicating, and then checking the "In an animated-GIF" option again).
- During the real-time transitions, GIF transparency is disabled (the transparent pixels appear as black).
- It is not possible to change the "speed" of an animated-GIF that already contains its own speed information.
- Animated GIFs don't appear in panoramic frames

To get rid of those limitations (except transparency), it is recommended that you replace your animated-GIFs with "looping videos".

It is recommended that you always use the latest version of Adventure Maker, which is available at: